Thursday, December 27, 2012

Here's why 8-1 is the 'bomb diggity'.

Great personalities, attitudes and character.

Tia.....the photographer


Tiauna...i need a new lock

James...plz don't ask me

Jesse....can i go get a drink?

Cecil....ask him what a 'cecil' is in writing

Rileigh....sense of humor and loves lacrosse

Emily....instagram fan

Damon....rocking gamer

Dido....grabs head and laughs, funny

Skylar....can i take the macs back?

Matt...i am almost done

Cal....i will be right back

Sydonnee...i talk, i really do

Mac...oh, hello

Seantel....caesar salad

Lillian....can i go get my headphones?

Cody....pick up your glass case

Quentin....what? i didn't hear you?

Givonna....can i use my tablet?

Mrs. Ireland....did i say that?  oh, i forgot

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It was a good day.

I want to thank Rileigh for bringing in a DVD of the Founders Cup 2012 .

Balloon people...

A student received a Balloon Kit for a gift and this is what they produced.....with names. However, I lost the sticky note that the names were on.
Will put them on tomorrow.

Thanx Tia for bringing in Strawberry juice. It was delicious.

I love that u used duct tape. 
Really like it Damon....awesome.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Aleria!

A student @ JC wrote this poem. They wish to remain anonymous.


I get bullied because of the way I dress,
Guess what, I’m not trying to impress,
I get bullied because I like school,
I get bullied for that? So not cool!
I get bullied because of the way I look,
My self-esteem is what they took,
I get called a baby just because I cry,
Everyone cries, and that’s no lie,
I get bullied because of the way I talk,
That isn’t something that people should mock,
I get bullied because of the way I wear my hair,
Bullying me for that, is so unfair,
Most of the bullying happens at school,
Really? Who would be such a fool,
Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t know the way I looked, talked or wore my hair affected my education,
Bullying is NOT COOL for your information.