Thursday, December 27, 2012

Here's why 8-1 is the 'bomb diggity'.

Great personalities, attitudes and character.

Tia.....the photographer


Tiauna...i need a new lock

James...plz don't ask me

Jesse....can i go get a drink?

Cecil....ask him what a 'cecil' is in writing

Rileigh....sense of humor and loves lacrosse

Emily....instagram fan

Damon....rocking gamer

Dido....grabs head and laughs, funny

Skylar....can i take the macs back?

Matt...i am almost done

Cal....i will be right back

Sydonnee...i talk, i really do

Mac...oh, hello

Seantel....caesar salad

Lillian....can i go get my headphones?

Cody....pick up your glass case

Quentin....what? i didn't hear you?

Givonna....can i use my tablet?

Mrs. Ireland....did i say that?  oh, i forgot

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It was a good day.

I want to thank Rileigh for bringing in a DVD of the Founders Cup 2012 .

Balloon people...

A student received a Balloon Kit for a gift and this is what they produced.....with names. However, I lost the sticky note that the names were on.
Will put them on tomorrow.

Thanx Tia for bringing in Strawberry juice. It was delicious.

I love that u used duct tape. 
Really like it Damon....awesome.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Aleria!

A student @ JC wrote this poem. They wish to remain anonymous.


I get bullied because of the way I dress,
Guess what, I’m not trying to impress,
I get bullied because I like school,
I get bullied for that? So not cool!
I get bullied because of the way I look,
My self-esteem is what they took,
I get called a baby just because I cry,
Everyone cries, and that’s no lie,
I get bullied because of the way I talk,
That isn’t something that people should mock,
I get bullied because of the way I wear my hair,
Bullying me for that, is so unfair,
Most of the bullying happens at school,
Really? Who would be such a fool,
Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t know the way I looked, talked or wore my hair affected my education,
Bullying is NOT COOL for your information.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

PSY (With Special Guest MC Hammer)

 Gangnam Style (Live 2012 American Music Awards)

Tia's Bitstrip...

Congratulations to Aleria!

Who has won two awards. The first one was from the Woodland Cultural Centre. Aleria submitted a fictional journal entry that centred around a sister who's brother was in the War of 1812. This narrative was poignant, thoughtful and truly thought provoking. Good work Aleria!

The second award was the Stay in School Award which was presented by Imperial Oil. This award focuses on academic achievement and excellent attendance. Keep this up Aleria!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Multiplying fractions.

Here's one way to do it. I prefer this way.

Here's another way. Catchy tune with this video.

Multiplying with mixed numbers.

Cya all tomorrow.